Wenge (Millettia laurentii)

Wenge Wood Details (Know Your Wood)

Color/Appearance: Heartwood is medium brown, sometimes with a reddish or yellowish hue, with nearly black streaks. Upon application of a wood finish (particularly an oil finish) the wood can become nearly black.

Workability: Wenge has a faint, slightly bitter scent when being worked. Can be difficult to work with hand and machine tools. Blunts tool edges. Sands unevenly due to differences in density between light and dark areas. Very splintery—care must be used when handling unfinished wood with bare hands, as splinters have an increased risk of infection. Very large pores can be difficult to fill if a perfectly smooth/level finish is desired.

Grain/Texture: Grain is straight, with a very coarse texture. Low natural luster.

Endgrain: Diffuse-porous; large pores in no specific arrangement; solitary and radial multiples of 2-3; brown mineral deposits occasionally present; growth rings distinct; rays not visible without lens; parenchyma vasicentric to confluent, with wide bands of parenchyma typically as thick as the pores.

Rot Resistance: Very durable, and resistant to termite attack.

Common Uses: Veneer, paneling, furniture, turned objects, and musical instruments.

Comments: Usually pronounced WHEN-gii or WHEN-ghay, the wood has excellent strength and hardness properties, and is also dark enough to be used as a substitute for ebony.

Wenge (Millettia laurentii): Available in Logs/Customised Form

Product Details

Common Name(s):Wenge

Scientific Name:Millettia laurentii

Distribution:Central Africa

Tree Size:60-90 ft (18-27 m) tall, 3-4 ft (1-1.2 m) trunk diameter

Average Dried Weight:54 lbs/ft3 (870 kg/m3)

Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC):.72, .87

Janka Hardness:1,930 lbf (8,600 N)

Modulus of Rupture:21,990 lbf/in2 (151.7 MPa)

Elastic Modulus:2,550,000 lbf/in2 (17.59 GPa)

Crushing Strength:11,710 lbf/in2 (80.7 MPa)

Shrinkage:Radial: 4.8%, Tangential: 8.1%,

Volumetric: 12.9%, T/R Ratio: 1.7

Shipping Details

  • Available in Logs/Swan Boules/Lumber/Customised Form

  • Loading Port; Douala/Mombassa

  • Avg Lengh : – Around 12 Meter Max. (if loading is in containers)

  • One Container we can load around 19 to 22CBM.

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