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Gold bars for sale available in various sizes from 1kg up to 10000kg ideal for all. Our smaller 1kg and 2kg bars make wonderful coating for luxuries, whereas our larger 100kg, 250kg, 500kg and 1ton gold bars are ideal for larger investors seeking the lowest premiums. All our gold investment bars, often know as gold ingots, bricks or biscuits, are competitively priced with the larger bars representing the very best value for money. For individuals looking for a flexible investment our 10kg gold bars could be ideal. For those looking for the perfect balance between flexibility and value, our bestselling 100-1000kg gold bar could be the perfect investment for you.

We’ll like to assure you that the sale of gold through this platform is due to our partnership with gold and mining companies in Cameroon that form the big family of CAMTEEC LTD. We assure you transparency and the best of services as you do business with us.

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Gold bars from 10g

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Different quantities available

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Best quality

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