African Mahogany (Khaya spp)

African Mahogany Wood Details (Know Your Wood)

Color/Appearance: Heartwood color is variable, ranging from a very pale pink to a deeper reddish brown, sometimes with streaks of medium to dark reddish brown. Color tends to darken with age. Quartersawn surfaces can also exhibit a ribbon-stripe appearance.

Workability: Easy to work, glue, and finish. Tearout can sometimes be a problem if the grain is interlocked.

Grain/Texture: Grain is straight to interlocked, with a medium to coarse texture. Good natural luster with a light-refracting optical phenomenon known as chatoyancy.

Endgrain:Diffuse-porous; large to very large pores, very few; solitary and radial multiples; orange/brown deposits occasionally present; growth rings usually indistinct, though sometimes distinct due to terminal parenchyma; rays medium to wide, fairly close spacing; parenchyma scanty to vasicentric, and occasionally marginal (not typical for Khaya spp.).

Rot Resistance: Moderately durable; moderate to poor insect/borer resistance.

Common Uses:Veneer, plywood, turned items, furniture, boatbuilding, and interior trim.

Comments:Comprised of a handful of species from the Khaya genus, all of which are native to Africa. Sometimes lacks the deeper reddish brown color and durability that is common for true mahogany in the Swietenia genus. Botanically, Khaya is a part of the Meliaceæ family, which not only includes mahoganies, but also Sapele (Entandrophragma cylindricum), and a host of other commercial species. Considered to be a valid substitute for Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), otherwise known as “Genuine Mahogany.”

African Mahogany (Khaya spp): Available in Logs/Customised Form

Product Details

Common Name(s):African Mahogany

Scientific Name:Khaya spp. (Khaya anthotheca, K. grandifoliola,etc)

Distribution:West tropical Africa

Tree Size:100-130 and up ft (30-40 m) tall, 3-5 ft (1-1.5 m)trunk diameter

Average Dried Weight: 40 lbs/ft3 (640 kg/m3)

Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC):.52, .64

Janka Hardness:1,070 lbf (4,760 N)

Modulus of Rupture:13,190 lbf/in2 (91.0 MPa)

Elastic Modulus: 1,537,000 lbf/in2 (10.60 GPa)

Crushing Strength:7,100 lbf/in2 (49.0 MPa)

Shrinkage:Radial: 4.2%, Tangential: 5.7%,

Volumetric: 10.0%, T/R Ratio: 1.4

Shipping Details

  • Available in Logs/Swan Boules/Lumber/Customised Form

  • Loading Port; Douala/Mombassa

  • Avg Lengh : – Around 12 Meter Max. (if loading is in containers)

  • One Container we can load around 19 to 22CBM.

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