Our History

In 1993, A sawmill owner in Bamenda by the name of Nji Ignatius took it upon himself to expand his business by venturing into lumbering and forestry. The small company which became prominent later on dealt with eucalyptus and cypress trees which they exported across Central Africa. For over 10 years, the company did well under the management of its owner till he died.

How It all started...

Under the new management, the small company merged and partnered with other sawmills in Douala, Tiko and Bamenda, with Lumbering companies in Ebolowa, Kribi. It is this merger that is today known as Cameroon Timber Exploration and Expoitation Company (CAMTEEC) LTD.

With the vision to provide quality hardwood which are semi-finished and finished to the global market, the vision was achieved with the establishment of CAMTEEC LTD to provide the finest and most durable specimens of hardwood from Africa.

CAMTEEC LTD has been able to supply timber and forestry products in customised form to more 1000 customers in over 80 countries in the world with the intention to be in every country by 2030. Having 12 subsidiary companies and partners, CAMTEEC LTD deals not only in timber and forestry but also in the mining of rare minerals such as gold, diamonds, iron etc, it also deals in shipping and logistics as part of its diversification program to enhance growth.

Company Profile

Built upon the sweat and integrity of hardworking people, CAMTEEC LTD has been devoted to providing quality hardwood to its customers worldwide.

Our Mission

“Quality, Consistency and Transparency”

Those are what we strive for when dealing with our customers

Our Vision

Becoming the largest suppliers of hardwood in Africa and the World